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Q: Can you make me a custom size?


A: Many of the products we sell are custom. However, a minimum order of 2000+ pieces is required for orders from our supplier. We're always evaluating demand. Send us your requests.


Q: Why is PET better then PVC?


A: PVC will yellow and become brittle over time in the right conditions. You likely have some examples of this in your collection. This degradation may adversely affect collectables. PET is an industry standard plastic for photos and collectables. The US government has deemed PVC unfit for food products.


Q: Do you recommend Classic or Custom size for NES?


A: We think it is a matter of preference. Most would agree that the custom size better in appearance because of the correct fit. Classics can be used for a few more applications. Personally, unless you are alreading using the classic size in your collection, we would always recommend the custom.


Q: Do you offer any discount for large orders?


A: Yes, Automatic discounts start at 5% for item total of $150 up to 10% for an item total of $650. Contact us for discounts on larger orders.


Q: Why Do You Need My Phone Number?


A: This is primarily for International customers. With your phone number we can print 1st class international shipping labels electronically and get your orders out faster.


Q: How is My Personal Data Kept?


A: Personal information, is kept on Ecwid (our shopping cart) and Paypal. It is uploaded to, each having robust security. We access this data for shipping and communication as needed. Other then email lists, we don't keep your info on our local computers. We will never give or sell your info to another organization.


Q: Why the quantity tiers of 1, 10 and 25 pieces?


A: Most our protectors are bundled in packs of 25 and we can process orders with 25 packs much more efficiently and with greater accuracy. The tiers are intended to favor 25 packs while still making single piece increments possible.


Q: Any benefits for creating an account?


A: Yes, we plan on having membership rewards in the very near future.

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